CEO Circle 2017

Congratulations on being part of the CEO Circle and welcome to the registration site for the 2017 event taking place at the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel, Cape Town.  You have a wonderful week ahead for relaxation, networking and exploring this wonderful and diverse city!

Please take time to look through the various tabs at the top of the page.  These will provide all of the information you need for the event and allow you and your guest to make your choice of spa treatment, activity, etc., before starting the registration process.  We have also added some information for pre- and post-event stays so please click on the tab above to see what is on offer.

Once you are ready and have all the necessary information to hand, including your photograph for your biography and copies of your passports, please click on the relevant New Registration button.

To avoid any difficulties during your registration, please note the following:

  • The registration software works best when using either Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

  • Make sure that you click the “Save and Continue” button at the bottom of each page and continue through the site, until you reach the Registration Record Page showing the “Print Record” button.  Avoid closing the site before you have reached this point, as some of your information may be lost.

  • If you reach a section that requires details that you do not have, try to enter “dummy information” that will allow you to continue through the site.  You can always return to modify your registration with the correct details at a later date.

The final date for completion of your registration is Friday 3rd March.  Please be aware that this applies to registration only; the flight booking and confirmation process will continue after this date.

Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel
Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel
Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel
Cape Point
Table Mountain
Roben Island
Royal Cape
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